Asociación Juvenil de Músicos de la Siberia

Taller de guitarra (5) Bony Maronie

A                                   Riff en A
I got a girl named Bony Maronie
A                                    Riff en A
She's as skinny as a stick of macaroni
D                                          Riff en D
Ought to see her rock and roll with her blue jeans on
A                                          Riff en A
She's not very fat, just skin and bones, but

E              D            E                D
I love her and she loves me. Oh how happy now we can be,
A                                    Riff en A
making love underneath the apple tree.

Well, I told her mama and her papa too
Just exactly what I wanna do
I wanna get married on a night in June
And rock and roll by the light of the silvery moo


She's my one and only, she's my heart's desire
She's a real upsetter, she's a real live wire
Ev'ryone turns when my baby walks by,
She's something to see, really catches the eye.


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